.NET Easy to use Network module.

Hello everyone.

When it comes to programming Client to Sever based application’s in .NET some people get confused as to how to do it with out a Winsock control……Fear no more.

Networking.dll is an all in one networking module that is designed to make networking easier. Best part is, that it is actually a control you can import into the tool box or programatically create it using

Public WithEvents ClientSocket As Networking.NetSocket

Want to send packets of data? No problem. For those of you familiar with Eclipse, buffers were declared using

Dim Buffer As ClsBuffer
Buffer = New ClsBuffer

and with that you actually had to have the class as a part of your source. With mine, you just simply use

Dim Buffer As New Networking.BytePacker

This line of code does the exact same thing except it’s optimized and smaller than the old method of declaring a buffer.

Then all you have to do is setup your packet system (DataHandler) in a similar way as in eclipse.

Cool Right?–- thought so here you go its as an attatchment. Some bugs may still occur. If you find any please add them as a comment and I will fix. Thanks. This is my own networking module….this is not in collaboration with General Awesomes SharpNetty.dll, Ill admit his is probably slightly better than mine lol…

  • Sincerley Daxter

Really good man 🙂 Ill use this with my .Net Engine to replace the crappy string based packets from NetworkComms/NetComms. Ill give you credit, and If I happen to make any profit on my engine ill give you a percent if that is your request 🙂

Not sure if its classified as a bug and/or I just dont exactly know what Im doing in this case, but you mentioned an importable control, I cant seem to find it in the toolbox, and outside of that(not automatically being there) I tried to search all the lists of addable toolbox items and theres no options there(But from my experience with Orcas it should automatically appear in the toolbox from adding it to the references.)

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