Eclipse in a browser?

Hi there,

first of all I have to say sorry. I have a question about the whole Eclipsething. I didn’t find another "Questions and Answers"Thread for all Eclipse Versions. Please move my thread to the right place if it’s wrong.

I’m using Eclipse with the 2.3 Event System. But I have some problems with that. Some of my players write me, that their PC switches totaly off when they install the library ore the game. Is there a possibility to run an Eclipse Version in a browser. I think the installing of the library an that stuff is too ornate for many players. So the browserthing could be the answer, I think.

Possibly I have to say, that I’m not a programmer. I’m just a “clicker”, but I offset this with own sounds, own grafics, own storys and innovativ ideas, I think.

I would be really thankfull for help!

(I’m from the German part of this forum. So pleasy excuse my missing overview in the English forum part.)

Hey there,

Yes it’s possible, but the whole engine would need a rewrite, so it’s not really an easy thing to do. But there’s already a eclipseengine which is webbased, Eclipse V.



ja, natürlich kann man sowas wie eclipse im browser rennen lassen, aber man müsste alles in ne andre Programmiersprache umporten, bzw neu schreiben. Guck dir doch mal Eclipse V an, habs zwar nochnich ausprobiert, soll aber browser-basierend sein. 🙂

The new version that JC and inc. Is working on (EclipseV) is based in HTML5. Unfortunately, Win32 applications are just that, applications - And yes most do require runtime files for them to work.

It would require a clean code re-write because converting is nearly impossible for it to work in a browser.

The closest thing to being able to run an application on a browser is by using ActiveX, which well; I really can’t even say that’s worth the trouble.

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