Developing a 3D game from scratch

Hey everyone. Big wave to the vets out there

Thought I would just show some of what I have been working on lately.

This is the infancy of a new 3D Ambardia. Everything you see is pretty much just place holders to be replaced with my custom models and graphics later.

I finally put my head down and learned how to low poly model, texture and shade correctly.

Here are some screens of my own custom 3d engine.

You can start or exit for now. There is background music.

The character is just a cube for now with forward, backward, left rotation and right rotation and jump.

The mainland is a basic mesh with one portal to throne room.

That is all for now as I work on the core in Python.

Ambard! Regretfully Ambardia Online never got me stuck in because of the 3D environment on a 2D world, it just looked unattractive to my eyes. A 3D world, however, should be awesome. Rock on!

This peaks my interest. Looking forward to more updates.

Been awhile Ambard !  😛 Looks great!

Wb ambard! I’m excited about yout game, good luck! 🙂

Thanks guys, I’m pretty excited myself.

Ambard is your game is still up?

Ambard is your game is still up?

No, sorry.

Worked on textures today. Made the mainland look quite nice.

Looks awesome ambard!

Progress! The trees could use a texture that shows the leaves a bit more tho.  😄

Today I managed to correctly import a rigged character thanks to Sebastian Lague great You Tube tutorial. I have not added the walk cycles yet but I will soon. I also added mist and imported the old Ambardia alcove model. I also modeled a very crude tree from scratch. I will do better ones at a later time.

Looks good.

I am having so much fun using my new modeling skills. Here is a little render I did at lunch. This could be the start of a farm I think.

I also have a sky dome that rotates in the game so the clouds look like they are slowly creeping by.

What programming language are you using?

I saw the pictures for this on facebook. Good work, keep at it.

This is sick! The last screenie reminds me of claymation. Pure awesome sauce.

I would personally prefer a more comic-like look (the last screen looks better) if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life modeling. Otherwise, low-poly models just don*t look good I think. Good start that you got there and since I loved the work and detail you put into Ambardia I expect something great!

Good job, good luck,


What programming language are you using?

I am using the game maker built into Blender. All coding is done in python. So far I have only coded in some simple mouse and camera stuff. Everything else is straight built from the game engine.

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