Logo (Which one is good?)

Which one is good logo pls say to me honestly




1 because it’s the only readable one.  🙂

1 because it’s the only readable one.  🙂

ohhh ok if you have suggestion pls say to me 😄

Try giving the first one a black outline, and/or darken the inner text in the second one to make it more readable.

ok as you wish

the yellow one is appealing too , depending on the background 😆

Maybe there wont be a background because i cannt find xD

To be honest, I’m a fan of neither considering its http://www.cooltext.com

Well regardless if it’s Cooltext or not, the first one looks better in its original state.

The added black outline just looks silly.

The effort it takes to learn or to create your own logo is much better than using a 5 minute web service to create it. Its also much more rewarding in the end 🙂

Yep. But you gave the first one a way too large black border. I’d just go with the  original.

Yeah i’m using cooltext to be honest i’m not good at graphic T_T

after making it my self not using cool text it is dumb T_T

Whatever floats your boat.  :lol:  Go with the first one.

Lol xD i will make another logo

Looks too big, you should make it smaller.

ohh ok

Srly… i dislike the font you are using… or i mean the font don’t match the texture you use…

but if you ask me , i’d rather pick then first one

this tutorial might help


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