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Are you all blind? I get to test it, get rare loot before other players (higher selling prices then), and get to stay a member when it opens to everyone

why pay to test content when everyone will get to play it eventually for free?

Answered above.

People seem to forget, Time and money goes into a game. Take my DoL for example, As soon as people saw the premium they started claiming pay to win without even knowing what it was. If I want to have premium… I will and same for this guy. Not everything is free in life. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it! You might say, well, it’s made with “just Eclipse” well people who use the next step might judge. c#/c++ might look down on vb6 as we have seen many times on here, but people who use Unity might look down on "c#/c++ users, but people who use something more expensive/better than unity would think Unity sucks and worthless the same as people think about Eclipse. So where ever you are in the chain, there’s always someone who’s going to think the base engine/coding language etc sucks and is not worth anything.

I don’t think no work goes into this. In fact I think immense amounts of work is going into making this game and with everything the membership includes (which I didn’t know it did) I take my statement back.

@Baron Mohenjo Daro
You are absolutely correct. Members will get the first dibs on all new items before released to everyone else so you could use that to your advantage and sell these items for high prices and there will be some other benefits as well.

Exactly I won’t force anyone to pay at all. You don’t even need to buy anything to play the game and there won’t be any limits being a free player minus you’ll have to wait a little longer for content updates but you will still have access to them when released. This is just for people who’d like to help support the game and help pay for server and web hosting.

Dev Update 9/2/15

Time for the Dev update!

Currently I’m still working on a few things like revamping some maps and finishing other maps. I’ve been making really good progress though at least I hope. Next step is filling in with NPCs and Quests and then Beta testing will be ready! I really hope you guys will like what I’ve been doing with Veridian as I’ve been putting a lot of work and effort to make it the best I can.

Screenshot of the day:


Glad to see you still working on this. Cannot wait to play. ^_^

 Thanks alot! I’ve actually been getting alot done just between yesterday and today so I’m really happy about the progress so far. I can’t wait for you guys to finally be able to play Veridian with all the work and time put into it.

I’m just going to leave this here:

These are the basic sets they will be good to start with but your going to want better as the you get farther. All these sets will be able to be crafted at any Blacksmith as long as you have to required materials.

I really like blurite for some reason……
I honestly cant wait to play, looks amazing!

Dev Log 10/1/15


That’s right sailing is officially confirmed and already added into Veridian! This will open a lot of doors in exploration and possibilities. Upon release sailing will be for members only because it is currently under testing still. Members will be able use sailing to enter new areas as well such as the sunken city of Akrias.
! World Map:
! >!  
This is still a work in progress with lots more to add once we get that far in the lore. It gives you a general idea of the layout of Veridian though.

Awesome thought this was dead!

Looks great.
Well definitely play this.

Keep up the good work

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