Screen Resolution in Main Menu can be like 4.0?

Hey can anyone help me as it say on topic can it make the screen resolution like 4.0?

i wish i can help :<

What version of Eclipse are you using?

I don’t have any experience with anything past 3.X as I disappeared about this time last year.

For previous version of Eclipse however, you can simple Click/Drag to increase the size of frmMenu in VB6 or change the OnLoad Event to include something along the lines of (if it’s set to Scale Mode: Pixels and not Twips)

frmMenu.Width = Size Width in Pixels

frmMenu.Height = Size Width in Pixels

im using mirage legacy also know as E.O 2.3

look at the screen shots

First it Works[attachment=1047:tessssssss.PNG]

but when i save it and open mirage not working anymore [attachment=1046:test1.PNG]

bump pls help

Hmm… i don’t know if i’m correct but…


frmMenu.width =

frmMenu.height =

if one if it exist then change the number into the size you want… if it doesn’t exist then , expand it on Form Editor… and just change the GUI

Oh btw… about the

[but when i save it and open mirage not working anymore]

Do you mean compile or save? because if you only save , it won’t work… you need to compile

oh how to compile?

ohh na compile kona tnx

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