On keypress event

Hey, im curious if its possible you could implement a “on keypress” type thing for the event system? It doesnt sound like it would be the hardest thing to implement, but i dont really know, im not that experienced in programming, even if theres conflicts with other systems that use the same keys, at least you could implement the system for a few select keys like the arrow keys and enter or something like that

I think this would open up for a lot more customization, like creating menus and systems using images and events

well I know its possible that if you press the ctrl key (think its right click now) you can start an event. depends on what your trying to do

I was thinking more as a conditional branch type thing, with that you could easily make something like a warp screen where you have a map showing different locations and you could use your arrow keys to choose where to warp.

id say best thing to do was set it up as a warp to a map with however many paths with a sign with a name and let them choose and it warps to another

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