So you have done about everything I asked. Yet you still can’t get the game to start!


You leveled up your class, you feel like you have good gear, but you can’t beat this boss?

Well we’re here to maybe…… “try” to help you with these issues. Rather it be the game won’t start., or you are finding the game difficult.Now if your problem could have been solved by just simply running the “Run-time files” then we’re ignoring you. If your difficulty with the in game content could have been answered in the library or the guides in the game. We’re also ignoring you.

If you have a very good computer, that I consider high end…AND your game won’t start at all. Try this client.Click here to Download.  And replace it with the other file called “Endless Waltz” that is like 2.45 MB and looks like a suite of armor.

Helpful hints!

! HH 1. If you are trying to run this game on something really old like windows 98,  something as new as windows 8, or a mac. I’m sorry. I do not currently have any support for this yet.
! HH2. If you are trying to run off some really bad computer with loads of viruses, or slow CPU, or 500 mb of RAM AND you can not get this game to run properly. I’m sorry. I do not currently have any support for this yet.
! HH3. Please use common sense. Many issues you may incur might be caused because you are doing something you need not to do. For example… when talking to/ or interacting with an event or NPC. You need not to keep pressing CTRL over and over after you have activated the event. 
! HH4. I have had some troubles before with a computer I was using. I found cleaning it ( viruses scanning, de-fragmenting, and "Error checking were incredible helpful and solved many of my issues.
! HH5 Many of your fellow Eclipsers around here have played Endless Waltz with no troubles at all. You may want to ask yourself why you alone are having a problem no one else is, before claiming there is fault on our part.
! HH6. Once you have concluded there might be some error with in the game that is our fault, please try to be as detailed as possible when reporting this kind of error, this way we may better server you 😃 
! HH7, Please try not too use a lot of your internet while playing this game (i.e downloading, streaming videos and music.) or anything that may slow your internet speed down. This will especial cause problems with your story progression or interaction with NPC’s and such.

In game Hints.

! 1.The first boss is not meant to be fought at early levels before 6 or 7. Nor is the first boss meant to be fought with other players.
! 2. every area of the game has a new piece of equipment for every class ( at least that’s my goal.) So. if you have not received a new piece of gear, you might want to stay in that area for a longer amount of time. Should you  have spent countless hours in an area and not found a piece of equipment for your character. Ask me about it. Might add something there. 
! 3. Be patient, its suppose to be an MMO, not just some normal RPG.