Still Sick Up-date 12- blagh-blagh..-1.. ugh..

I’m still quite sick… and while arguably I could still play just fine and do some updates… I have not been able to stay awake for much longer than 30 mins at a time or so. Thus I can’t quite promise I’ll be keeping with the “Play with lel this Saturday” update. Also the party bug where player in the same party can’t attack the same target, is very very fixable (and will be fixed) this also might not be done until I get a little better.

I do apologize for any inconvenience but do very much appreciate your support.

Hope you feel better soon lel!

Thanks Knight =/

IDK why but I always end up working on my game even when I shouldn’t…… So… with that being said…

1.I just removed the problem for players not being able to attack the same monster while in the same party.

This change has not yet been applied! I still need to get the technical support team to apply it. It will be done soon thou.

2. I’ll be adding a "Having troubles? quick guide. For some having troubles loading the game or just finding the game too difficult in general. I did find that people with very good computers ( Emphasis
  on “VERY”
 can not load the game at all; in which, I shall give them a client that should work.

3. I’ll be working on “chapter 1” very shortly after this post.

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