Properly packing client..

Hello again…

I would like to know what files to include in the client before I send it off to RAR, I know someone around here put a topic on it but I can’t seem to find it… Anyhow I am trying to get a few friends to test me pre-alpha beta and I would like to put it on a hosting site with the correct client files… Thanks 🙂

Annnnd this needs to be in the EO Q&A Sorry, guess i’m tired…


Basically you make a copy of your client folder (this will be the one you RAR) and delete the “src” (source) folders/files. Then compile it into RAR or whatever and upload to some file sharing or your own website as a download link or something and share it. Make sure to go to into the config and make save=0 and password/username = (nothing). You dont want to accidently make your account information available to anyone. This way you still have your personal client folder with source files and a anyone client folder without source files so that they cant edit your game.  😄

That’s how you compile the client folder. This is the basic idea but also depends on what engine you are using. Hope this helps!

-Scott (Orbegon)

Thank you sir.

You’ll want to send the Application (such as Eclipse.exe) as well as everything inside the data files.

Don’t make the mistake of including your source files (src)!

Alright, few other things my source files would include maps and graphics? ect?   haha stupid question I know.

Edit: Or otherwise what consists as the .src files…  (So just send the Eclipse.exe and data files only?)

Edit: (Last one)  I think I figured it out .src files are the .dll’s ect in the main folder am I correct? So if that is correct then I should send the eoclient.exe and data files, is it ok just to include the dx8 file?

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