Silver hosting package


I am interested in a hosting package but I can’t seem to find out where to get it, any help is appreciated…

Hello DsK,

If you need help regarding the Hosting Packages Eclipse offers, you may call the EO Help Desk at this telephone number (fake number here)

Hope your answer is received swiftly and clear’er than the directions on the site.

-Warm Regards


P.S. I dare you to call that number 😉

Disregard Dax, he is just joking around. The hosting package is located on the buy gold page under the Eclipse Origins 4.0 tab in the navigation bar, or you can just click here.



Haha, I know he was kidding, “That jokester ;)”  thanks gents!

Now I am having a hard time finding the resolved button lmao… Can you mark it please sir 🙂

Yup, I am marking it now. Generally there is an edit title button somewhere. (It looks different for me or I would be more specific or even post a screenie)

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