Update 12-13-13 finally…

Its been a long journey…… But… I’m done…

I’m going to set up some new screen shots, descriptions of classes, and maybe a trailer. THEN! I am going to look at getting this game hosted by EO.com’s amazing hosting, but possibly another option since I would like access to the server. As of lately just want to throw out a big shout out to Scott. There is a lot to of other people to thank but as of recently he gets a big shout out.  Please check back soon for another update.

Thank you to everyone that has supported EW and I’m sorry this has taken so long, its been a long journey…

Cant Wait For more Update 🙂

is the server is online?

Sorry been really busy finishing up. Nope not yet, but thanks for checking up on us! We should be up today. Honestly anything could happen thou 0=

I dont understand it but cant wait to play it

O.O i wanna try 😆

I gave up on the trailer (video to show off the game) It was fun,but after two days I finished it, but it was horrible. I will do much better at just releasing videos showing off features with my voice explaining them.

Anyways! I took new screenshots I’ll post them tomorrow with the description of the 6 classes.

Following with the release of the game.

Ohh men dont give up there is hope for everything

Don’t just give up on the trailer, that is what people watch to get the idea of how game-play is in-game to determine if they want to play it or not. 🙂

lol It was so much work. LITERALLY 24 hours straight of pure work and it came out so bad….

I will most likely come back to it one day. My problem however was that I was suppose to come out with the release of this game a couple of days ago. I thought to myself “Is this trailer really worth the delay?”

So I’m releasing the game ( just need to upload the client and get a hold of JC) make sure no one experiences any game breaking bugs/glitches that ruin their experience altogether. Then I’ll go back to get.

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