Hello Eclipse!

So have recently got a hold of my old computer that had a ton of old Files on it, 2 files in particular I have opened up and saw two files “Harry Potter and the Chamber of” and UnReal Engine. And I thought to Myself “DANG……” memories as a kid. This game came out in 2001 for the PC and was made using Unreal Engine. So I opened up one of the map files in UnReal and to my amazement the world opened up and I could edit things. Heres a screen shot of the great hall:

This will obviously been a fan based game and Id like some people to possibly help out, scripters (who know how to code with Uneal engine) graphics designers, music, ect. Although I can use all assets of the game such as modles graphics and audio, it would be cool to see some of our own.

-Till next update DAXTER