Train 2 Game: Assignment No 6

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to this so excuse me if I’m going about this the wrong way… however I am currently stuck on Assignment No: 6 Iv’e set Eclipse up with no real problem. My big issue is basically the limited amount of tiles available in the map editing tool. The design brief goes into great detail I.e. the red flags, ornate cathedral, non human quarters and many more. I find it near impossible to create such a map with only these basic, limited types available. Could someone please advice me if I have to either create these types myself or if there is somewhere else you can download them from?

Best regards


If you type into the forums search bar “tilesets” or type it into the google search you will find tons of tiles to work with. Just make sure you set the top left square of the set to a solid color for background, or it’ll show up weird (AKA: won’t be transparent were it should)

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