**              W . I . P ( WORK IN PROGRESS)**

Hello Eclipers! My name is Ryan and i will introduce my new made 2D ORPG using Eclipse Origins 4.x.x Silver i will try the game become fantastic and looks profesional


! There was a peacefull city called spiral that city is full of romantic people and brave soildier.The Brave soildier are protecting the city so there is no city who controlled them.but one day there was a group of people and beast animals and they are using new technology and they war against the city of Rakend but the soildier are ready for war but this war is unexpected war so the soildier lost and the unrecognized group controlled the city of spiral but one day the unrecognized group was stop and the city of spiral was peacefull again but the citizen of rakend knows that the unrecognized Group Will Rule the world using there new technology a hero must a rise that can kill the unrecognized group


! Warrior
! Warrior got good physical damage and defense but low magic damage and defence have a lot of health points but low mana points using a sword for attacking also called knight
! Mage
! Mage got good magic defense and offense but low at physical attack and defense have a lot of mana points and fastest spellcasting
! Priest
! Priest Good at physical and magic defense but low at offense and a healing master got alot of mana
! Ranger
! Ranger Good at dextirity so he is the one who is first to attack and good at phsycal damage and defense and have good mana points


! Epic Quest
! Pets
! Instances and dungeon
! Boss Battle
! lvl up to 150 Coming Soon