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Terror Engine


Want to create your own games but have no idea how to start or code? Terror Engine is an upcomming game engine for Windows and Mac created by ZeoWorks that will allow you to create your own HD horror games with advanced mechanics with no coding required! Create 3d horror games fast and easy with many high definition characters and models.  Terror engine also supports both singleplayer and multiplayer builds and new generation camera-modes such as Oculus rift and Anaglyph 3D.  Take a look below for a full list of features:

  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • Create multiplayer versus game modes (Play as the monster)
  • No Coding Required
  • Over 700+ Pre-built 3D Models
  • Full Story Creation Interface
  • Easy Map Building Mechanics
  • Climbing, Vaulting and Sliding Parkour
  • Build Standalones
  • Import 3D Models
  • Oculus Rift Support
  • 3D Anagraph Support
  • Real-time Shadows + HD Graphics
  • Trigger Zones, Cameras, Lights, Effects, Doors, Interactive Object capabilities and many more features at your disposal!

Terror engine is aimed at creating horror games (both single and multiplayer) however you can still use the engine to create first person shooter games.  Check back for more updates, but for now; enjoy the screenshots, feel free to ask any questions.

NPC Example:

Effects System:

Anaglyph 3D Example:

NPC Path Finding Example:


Oculus Rift Example:


Awesome ❤

Awesome ❤

Edit:  Why this message posted twice?

Looking good for people who just want to have some fun developing stuff in a 3d environment, cool!

What I would like to know is:

  • Did you program it all by yourself?

  • What language and which libraries are being used?

  • Is there scripting support ?

  • What features are planned and how about an open source version (You could monetize this maybe)?

Good luck,


Thank you! I am excited to see what users come up with using this engine. 🙂

-Yes, I coded everything by myself.

-I am using C# and Unity3D to develop the engine.

-Custom Scripting support was an idea for quite some time, but soon abandoned due to CPU usage issues… plus you would rarely need to use custom scripts considering there is a custom event creator.

-All the features above are guaranteed to be included.  In the future I plan to have a co-op editor which will allow you to create games with other users online.  As for open source access; simply no due to personal privacy and copyright.

I hope this helps. 🙂


That’s really cool, I don’t know unity but still this must’ve taken alot of effort to create, good job!

Something that I would personally love to have would be support for some sort of split-screen coop. If you could connect 2 controllers and play self-created missions on your home tv, that would be awesome for me. I don’t know if that is realistic though. Anyhow, keep on going man!


Thank you. 🙂 On another note, you can create .mod packages within Unity3D and import them into this engine, so whatever you make in unity3d wither it’s code, models, animation, mechanics .etc can be used in your Terror Engine game.  This means although splitscreen support is currently not supported, Unity3D developers can easily add it to Terror Engine no problem! My website has a forum which will allow users to share there creations, models, audio, mods.etc.


Looking great, the tests that you have look very nice, good luck with this, hope you stick with it! It’s always cool to create something that users can use to create something and seeing what they can come up with, hopefully some proficient people will make some cool stuff with this, it’ll make a good name for the Terror Engine. Good luck!

Very nice work, I think they walk kinda weird in the pathfinding, but whatever, it’s 3D ^.^


Not saying this isnt cool or anything and I could be wrong on this……once I look for myself at the actual engine I will be able to determine this. This sorta looks like another copy of the Reality Facotry/Genisis 3D engine. I know you say its in Unity, but the editor screenshot you had was from reality factory. thats why Im like “Wait…”

@CMFiend420 & Amazi - Thank you, currently the path finding works by using a 300x300 grid to detect the position of the player and obstacles such as walls.  I need to smooth the NPC rotation to make it look better.

@daxterxx - All images I have uploaded are from Terror Engine itself. 🙂  I’ve never used Reality Factory or Genisis 3D Engine.

You looking for any help with the project? I would want some cheap pay but i know unity like the back of my hand. I have a ios game released on the store and have been through the whole proccess of in apps, uploading etc.

I know C#, Javascript for unity and can write the DLLS in c++/java if you need something special done.

Either way, sorry for the shameful post. Project is looking great man, keep up the good work.

Looks really cool! Great work!

Thank you Marsh,  But I think I’ve got everything under control for the project though.  But if I ever need help in any future projects, I’ll give you a shout. 🙂


Terror Engine has taken a new step in game development. You can now import ANYTHING you’ve created with Unity3D into Terror Engine! Including scripts, terrain, models and more.

This means you can create BIGGER, BETTER games with Terror Engine!

I like it looks very neat! 😄

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