[VB6] Elemental Origins Recruiting

Elemental Origins

I am currently working on an Avatar fan-game and am looking for a few members

to join the team. If you are interested in any of the roles below, reply here or pm me.

Temporary Site: http://elementalorigins.net84.net/index.php

Positions Avaiable

Programmers (High Priority







Set after The Last Airbender and diverges from show.

Not much development yet, that’s where you, the writer, come in.

Possible key plots: No more Avatar, just benders


Very nice, been a fan of your work since I saw the avatar stuff. Keep up the good work.


What language is it programmed in?

What language is it programmed in?

Hey Death,

it’s gonna be in VB6

Bump 🙂

Does it pay to be the programmer?(for future reference to those who are interested, i got enough on my hands lol)

Too bad I only know very little about Avatar because I’d like to write for such a sweet looking game.

If you are serious about this work and this project, and are also willing to pay for the services of a programmer, I may be interested in working with you. If you’d like more information, you may PM me. I’d like to see your team grow first though.

I highly doubt Andy is paying for any of the roles offered.

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