Hello. I am looking for someone to do source code edits to an open source engine(Mirage Legacy) i am using.

Who am i and why should you work with me?

I am 24 years old from Sweden. I’ve been working with 2D games since i was around 14(not constantly, of course), starting with Playerworlds a long time ago. During that time i can safely say that i know what i am doing when it comes to developing a game such as this. I have never learned how to program myself because it was never appealing to me, i’ve always appreciated the graphical aspect of developing more than the programming part of the creating process.

I have previously worked on my game Adea(XW based), which has been worked on on and off for a year or two, i always lost interest because XW is never updated and never will be. And before that i had a PW game called Full Moon Online, iirc there was around 25~ people online 24/7. But this was during the golden era of the Mirage games, so it’s not that impressive, really.

Before i get into the game information i thought i’d clarify why i will not pay someone to work with me. It is because i’m not doing this to earn money. The game will always be free and all of it’s features will be, regardless of it’s success or non-success. It is a hobby and will remain as such. I do this because i enjoy to create, and whoever i find to work with me should be equally interested in creating something that has potential.

Game Information

So! About the game. The world is called Adea.

There is no main plot for your character. Instead there are both very long and major storylines, and short and not as important to the world. You start the game stranded on the island shown in the first screenshot in the screenshots section.

The game is heavily focused on character development, and the path you yourself choose for your character(more on this further down). I’ve never really enjoyed being forced to follow a storyline, exploring and doing what you want in a game is what i think is important.

There are A LOT of features i have written down and how i want them to work, which will make the game fun and unique and still have “endgame” so to speak. With a lot of PVP things planned(if everything goes as planned), i will not delve further into this as of now, instead i will when i have word for what will work and how to go about it.

Class system will work in the form of advancements. Instead of explaining which who what and where, i’ve made this image, nothing is final yet.


Each advancement will involve a (varying)long quest chain to reach your new class. What are the letters next to the classes you ask? They stand for their dark / light alignment. W - Weak, M - Medium. S - Strong. This affects a various amount of things, such as access to areas and quests among other things. This won’t affect your character until you’ve gotten into the game a little bit.

Screenshots? Of course!

http://i.imgur.com/q8CIYGx.jpg This is where your character starts, in total it is three maps cut together for this big image, the two right are both 100x100+, whereas the left is 50x50~. Neither of these three maps are 100% finished, in fact they’re rather rough, but i chose to show these three because you’re able to see what type of mapping style i have. I love the SNES generation, and have drawn a lot of inspiration from that, so if you liked the RPG games of SNES you will probably enjoy my mapping.

http://i.imgur.com/AohOchj.png This is from my previous XW project. Still shows my style.

http://i.imgur.com/DUvJNqD.png -||- custom ripped tiles.

I do have more, but i think this is enough screenshots for now.

If you’re interested in working with me or have any questions, you can PM me here, or email me at fredrik.sod@gmail.com