Website Programmer

Ok, so here is the deal.  I am looking to build my skills for website programming.  I am also looking to build a portfolio.

My work is currently free.

All I ask for is credits on the site.

My favorite way to build my sites

-HTML Main Frame

-Php encoded functions

-CSS for style

-And of course Mysql for database purposes.

I always love to learn new things and improve myself.  So I love to hear feedback (Good, or bad) on my work.

Things you should know.

-This is a free service, I am doing to gain my reputation and skill.

-I reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason I see fit.

-If you want this service do NOT send me a private message

-Post here with a link to your eclipse forum.

-Please have at least a general outline of the game (Chances are I will not do this if you do not have at least an outline.)

Current portfolio

Pokemon Universe

! This is the layout they were looking for
! [attachment=1085:Mystery-Link-PMU-Mockups_main_content.png]
! This is the user layout I created.
! [attachment=1086:MyBuild.PNG]
! And this a mouse over over a CSS3 Styled drop down menu I created for them.
! [attachment=1087:MyBuildHoverLinks.PNG]
! This website has also been made with a fluid layout.

Seems like something I would be interested in. I’ve had a website idea for a while now. The project would be an extension of my game on the web - to complement some of the ingame features. There would be a sizeable amount of backend PHP work, as well as HTML and CSS.

As for the game itself, it’s a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon MMO (Pokemon Mystery Universe: We have a small community established already and have been working on it for several years now, so your work will be put to good use. Naturally, you’ll be given full credit for what you do.

PM me if you want more details!

I am back and available to work on another website the service is still free.

Any possible past work?

You’ll probably get more work that way.

those who are wanting a website from you are most likely going to need screenshots of what you have done. no one is literally going to trust you on what you say like this. just a tip but make sure to have screenshots of your work before you post.

Any possible past work?

You’ll probably get more work that way.

I have added the previous website I created.  Along with what They wanted.  (This the the layout only, none of the internal data will be posted.)

Not bad… I can’t say Not Good because i’m no Website Programmer 😄

Well thank you, I am still working on my skills, and I am always looking for any tips and criticism if you have any please feel free to PM me, as I want “not bads” to become “That looks amazing!”  Lol.  Since I am still working on my skills that is why I am giving away my services.

Well, I can definitely tell that you’re still learning, but keep it up! It’s definitely not good, nor bad. It’s the work of an eager individual, who wishes to get better, and to that, I applaud thee. Good luck!

Thank you 🙂

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