New design my website :)[in developed]

hi, this is my new website design, I’m in the process is how the coding Can you tell yet.

I’m sorry because my english bad.

Php site began to cast to.

users system was completed.

Members of the panel has been completed.

Added chat between members.

Project Adding added to the system.

admin panel was made.

About Us

Perfectgames | Studio-search-my-blog-pgsdev

-What is perfectgames; perfectgames separated into different sections in the online gaming platform developed is versatile, generally offers support to independent games. At the same time your project develops indie (independent) game makers open source code-sample game files-script etc … offers resources found in the Developer (developer) through a network for your projects much more comfortable team can find and get support. In addition, AMAS perfectg find all the projects are easily accessible under one roof.


Oh wow…this is messy. Good luck with your website.

Thanks  😞

Thanks  😞

The current look on the website right now is nice, but nothing matches. It’s all just random coloring. If you need any web design or developing help, feel free to message me, I’d be glad to give you some boosts or advice.



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