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Hi, could someone tell me how to increase load size Tiles Eclipse Orgins? By increase the tiles in MapEditor menu will not let me use them as they are larger than the black square.

Please i need this tutorial for my project, need increase the size from the menu MapEditor. Thanks!! 🙂

Do you mean by width size, in the mapeditor for tilesets? Because you should be able to make that any width. It also depends on how you put your tilesets together, if your adding tilesets that the width of them are larger than the regular ones, you would need to copy/paste your new tileset onto an original one from the tilesets folder.

If this doesn’t make since to you, I might make a tutorial on how to do so, otherwise I hope this answers your question.

-Zortala  🙂

Thank you very much for your answer, but this is not what I wanted to hear
Then I’ll explain further because my English is very low.
The tiles are using Eclipse Origins 512x512 and I’ve always used tiles are 256x8224. That is the map editor screen I just want to read the 512x512 and the other does not work > _ <

Do you mean the screen size of the mapeditor? Or the size of the screen for editing? Or the size of the tiles in the mapeditor?

-Zortala 😛

Show me a screenshot of your problem.

-Zortala 😛

Ok I think I found a solution based on the topic:

Download a copy of EO 3.0 and see if the tiles included with it work. They are the same exact thing but split apart very annoyingly. Most computers, especially older ones simply cannot handle large textures and it is recommended to not load any size over 512 in width or height.

-Zortala 😛

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