Up-date 11-13-13

Well the first big thing I had I was going to add to my game is a class changing system that remembers your level and class. When ever you change one class to another class you get to keep your level between the different classes you change. I’ve started on this system myself, using the event system and a small custom script edit. I had to make 100 variables for all 6 classes and set the event to memorize what level the class was and give it that variable. I finished that part. Now I have to do the reverse.

But I found a problem…

I have one of my classes set to not use points at all ( summoner). The summoner would be over powered if it could use points. I’ve gotten quite use to the set up of this class like that too. ( the points one uses to increase stats.) While I figured out its not a problem for the other 5 classes, It would really mess up all the other classes if they changed to summoner any time before level 100, because the only way I can see around it is to take all the points away when they switch to Summoner. Another great idea would that would be simple is if I could make a small source edit that said

If class is # ( where # would be the number for summoner)

Then can not press plus sign on points.

The other surprise, I didn’t want to mention unless it was stable, was instance maps.

I paid one programmer to add it. That person was un-able. Another programmer has agreed to do it, however this person is very busy…He has added it to my engine and events even work with it. There are just some small bugs to work out.

As a rule of thumb I really try not to mention programmers names or the work they are doing until the work is finished and I can only say good things about them. But… Ever Since JC and Captian Wabbit and even SETH, sometimes Robin… I really want to thank programmers ( any and all that have helped or tried to help) for helping my dreams come true… I would not have gotten as far as I have without them.

Problem with class changing system seems to be fixed. Credits to the person who helped will be mentioned soon.

Things are moving very smoothly.

Interesting. But what is wrong with overpowered classes? Isn’t that OP!!! Anyways, good progress report on Endless Waltz.

-Zortala  🙂

p.s could include some screenshots

Update : Aaaaaaannnnnnnddddddd Scotts awesome! Super big hand of applause to this man please. He has been trying to help me stabilize my engine and has added things to it and taught me how to add some things to my engine.

He (Scott) actually gets all the credit for the class changing system because the one I made with events ( and finished) failed. Turns out the event system as of my engine can’t handle massive amounts of commands. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person to push the event system as far as it can go ( at least with a purpose outside of testing.)

Now before I say what I’m about to say… Scott made it very clear that he really enjoys helping people that not only want to help themselves, but actually try. This is probably the reason I have got such great help from him. Now that that is said and made clear… I have got more help from Scott for free than I have from many programmers that have charged.

Interesting. But what is wrong with overpowered classes? Isn’t that OP!!! Anyways, good progress report on Endless Waltz.

-Zortala  🙂

p.s could include some screenshots

lol I’m used to playing hard games =p

Thank you I can’t wait to see what you are working on.

You are right. I have screen shots on the main topic, but they really need to be updated. A lot has been added and changed to the system.

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