Three incomplete maps.. Need Opinion on fourth!

In my game there are four starting cities… These are “rough drafts” of what they will be like. And obvious things like smooth out the blue water and ect no need to tell me because I know lol. So just need some opinions if you like what I have so far…

And obviously if you havent noticed every city has a different “area” or “element” theme. Soooo if you could give me an idea for y FOURTH city that would be simply amazing… Much love. 🙂

Forest? Dungeon Town? Mining Town? There’s an assload of themes one could do lol.

Dungeon dark style town I think I will go with…

Just for the record, the first map looks a bit too saturated in tiles, why don’t you desaturate it a bit? Also you could go with a dwarf town, or something like that.

They appear to be: first one earth, second one ice, and the third one water.

You can have a desert for fire; a cloud city for wind, and a stormy city for lighting.

Thank you Blue. Top notch advice. And I like your the Earth, Ice, Water thing you point out Agora… Maybe make a town near a volcano. Plus that would give me the chance to make some fun interesting music. I think I’m gonna fuse the idwas and have a dark themed town near a volcano. Sounds fun! All of you guys are great and thank you for the responses. 🙂

An overview map would be cool as well for Agora’s idea. I remember seeing the likes of that in Final Fantasy IX and I liked the concept of having to go to those locations from within the story.

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