Out siders can connect to server

After going through the forms. Setting up both server and client. Out side users still can not connect to my server.

I do have no-ip.

it is set up and running.

The server is up.

If even changed the config file so that it points to:

  • www.1totallyon-line.com
  • Ip address of my router: 174.98.28.??
  • I’ve even switch the no-Ip to use the network host IP of

None of these have fixed the issue.

The only thing I can do. is either leave it as localhost. Which of course only allows me to play the game. Or set the config file to the network IP. Which again only allows for me to play.

Here is a screen shot of the setting.

Any help I would be grateful.

Did you allow your server through the firewall?

Yes. Allowed access through windows fire wall and through the router on port 7001.

Also When I send the client to another person I do include all files including the bass.dll file as instructed.

I only change the Ip for host for my server location.

That’s awfully odd. I’ve been getting this issue as well recently… No idea what the cause is.

Have Realm Crafter and I’ve been working with it as well.

I got everything except the SQL part working. I’m working on a BA in programming. So it’s not like this is rocket science. I should only need to edit the config file showing either the router IP or the url I’ve bought at No-IP. Include it in the zip flies. Seeing how there is no config file on the server side. I assume it is broadcasting under the of my network adapter and No-Ip should take care of the rest

did you try in the ip art of the consig file adding a .com to your url?

I have tried.

One of the 1st 4 should have worked giving that I have No-Ip up and running and others are able to see the test web page at all of those address’s. Not sure why the confing file isn’t allowing a connection to the server.

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