MMO Strategy Game Maker

Hi There,

Needing a pro advise… Looking for a proper software 2D MMORPG Maker that allows me to create and service Browser Based 2D MMORPGs (you know, like Maybe its right to say that it isn’t really a MMORPG; it is more like a MMO Strategy Game. No some license that makes it so it can only host game on the engine designer’s site.

So a brief wishlist:

1. MMO Strategy Game Maker for Browser-Based Format;

2. 2D Graphics support;

3. Scripting enabled or Source Editing;

4. .Wav, .Mp3, and .Ogg audio file support;

5. .png, .tiff, .gif, .bmp, and .jpg picture file support;

6. .wmv, .mp4, and .avi video file support (gotta add in cutscenes and Opening Scenes for added fun )

7. Facebook friendly.

Many thanks in advance

Doesn’t exist, yet.

Search up like HTML5 MMORPG Sources or research browser based mmorpgs…there are many places that have a script already made and editable for you. Sourceforge has many open sourcce projects like this, and for audio support, I’m not sure, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s most likely possible to add audio to a browser based game.

Thanks and hope this helped!


(Web development knowledge may be required for this)

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