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i have a few problems, my sprites dont work….

there saved as .bmp s but they dont load in the client, 2 when i convert them to .pngs they have a solid white/green background on them.

How do i use random dungeon maker

How do i make pets

May I ask what engine you are using?

To use the random dungeon generator press “Insert” and go to the admin panel. Then press “Dungeon” and you are away.

To use and create pets do the same step as above and then instead of clicking Dungeons click Pets.

Pretty sure they need to have transparency instead of the white or green background. You can use something like Paint.Net or Gimp to change the green or white to transparency. Remember that bmp format doesn’t support this, and you must use png.

matt, how do i use a MASS image editor to make it all transparent as there are like 300 sprites

With patience and determination!

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