[EO3.0] More Questions

I’ve looked through the forums on a tutorial on how to change the size of the game client, but all I’ve been seeing are tutorials that scale the screen or change the resolution and not make it windowed at all.

Could you give me an idea on how to make the client sort of “fullscreen”, but not scaled. I’d like the outside screen to be black, and the center, the game screen. Thoughts on how to make this work out?

Just one more question not worth another thread. Anyway to have a 3-frame global attack animation? I appreciate everyone’s help.

Like runescape webclient?

All other methods require editing how the camera works in general and becomes an extreme pain with certain map sizes. Making V support all different resolutions without scaling was easy because it was built from the ground-up with that in mind.

That is WHY there are not very many tutorials (if any) for making fullscreen work and have it non-scaled. I do not really have an answer to the issue right now, like I said there is a considerable amount of code to change to get it working semi-functional.

Updated this so I don’t  need to have a spamfest with all the questions I post.

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