X-Isle - Sci-Fi MORPG


Back Story

The First Global Federation initiated the X-Isle project in 2252; An island in a top secret location, that had been redesigned to function as a prison. Criminals, dissidents and other undesirables were shipped off to the X-Isle en masse, sterilized and fitted with cortex bombs, to prevent procreation and escape. Although officially the prison island was presented to the outside world as a place of freedom, the inmates knew better; Several insiders managed to leak info about prison staff using prisoners as slave labourers or guinea pigs for biochemical or psy-related research in the underground structures.

A massive revolt in the summer of 2265 forced the management to reconsider its methods. Now, seven years later, the X-Isle is being run by the prisoners themselves, while the island security staff runs on a skeleton crew. New prisoners are still shipped in on a daily basis, undesirables left to fend for themselves on an island full of criminals.


So this is where they sent you. Whatever you did, it’s in the past now. And because of that, the X-Isle is going to be your future.


X-Isle plays like a basic Mirage game - but one of unprecedented depth and balance. The X-Isle is a harsh and unforgiving place. Money is scarce and life is cheap. Sector Seven, the island’s main city, can be overwhelming at first, but you’ll soon learn to embrace its relative safety, seeing as how the entire rest of the island is a red zone (PvP area). Team up with friends and compete for resources or territory. Or, if you’re the strong, silent type, most of the game’s content can be tackled solo.

Classes: All players start out as the prisoner class. Different class trainers can be found throughout the island and players are free to switch classes at will. Each class has its own specific special ability - many of these are unique in an online RPG. XI classes include: Mercenary; Engineer; Medic; Assassin; Agent; Hacker; Psycho and more!

Gangs: Team up with friends and form a gang. Gangs have access to their own chat channel, can capture territories and access special shopkeepers and rare boss spawns. X-Isle has a sturdy gang system with a preset chain of command. You’ll be able to set a Gang MOTD, use gang chat, bring up a list of (online and offline) members and promote/demote/kick players whether they’re online or not.

Crime Level: Although players can engage in PvP combat almost anywhere on the island, X-Isle’s unique Crime Level system limits what you can get away with. Players going on a rampage will ultimately find themselves in a prison cell. They can then either do the time or try to convince others to bust them out of jail…

Level Cap: The XI level cap is 250, but the game doesn’t end there. It’s only then that you can reach every corner of the island, and access the rich endgame content. The island will be strewn with lvl 250 quests, capture territories, secrets and megabosses.

Graphics: X-Isle mapping seemingly transcends the boundaries of Mirage-based games. Each screen is a solid composition, utilizing every mapping trick in the book. Combine this with an incredibly detailed tileset and you have a winning combination that every aspiring mapper/GFX artist should at least take a look at.

Sound: X-Isle’s music and sound effects will make you want to turn up the volume, not down. Atmospheric music, ambient sound effects, weapon specific sounds and tiny audio extras make the game world come alive.

Day-Night/Weather Cycle: Random weather effects and a day/night cycle with day/night quests add another layer of depth.

Game World: X-Isle features a huge island with a fully intertwined underground dungeon system. Full of secrets and hidden shortcuts, exploration is an important part of gameplay on X-Isle.

With hundreds of different pieces of equipment, over two dozen dungeons - each with several quests attached to it -, a class system that doesn’t restrict player choice, carefully balanced PvE and PvP and countless secrets and little extras, reaching the endgame content will take months.

Project Information

X-Isle is the brainchild of State, creator of State of Conflict (PlayerWorlds) and State of Conflict: Insurrection (PlayerWorlds). XI has had a long development period, originally starting out on the XR engine in 2006, but later moved to XtremeWorlds, where it is now the engine’s flagship game. (Please don’t judge the game too harshly because it runs on XtremeWorlds. X-Isle is a true labor of love and a prime example of what can be achieved, even with a limited engine.)

All major lvl 1-249 content is complete and with 25+ dungeons, 80+ quests and continued support from the XI staff, the game provides a powerful roleplaying environment and will keep even the most hardcore players busy for ages.

Planned Features

Gang HQs for rent; Revised party system; More classes; More capture systems; Megabosses; Many more features.

Limited Time Offer!
From Nov 8th until Nov 18th, any character lvl 10 or higher will receive a unique exp boost accessory. So pick up the game now and get a running start!

This is a cropped version of the full map of the Sector 7 city. To view Sector 7 in it’s full size glory, simply click on the picture. WARNING the full size map of Sector 7 is an extremely large picture!

->X-Isle Download<-

For the XI client download, the game’s forums and more basic info, visit: http://www.cold-boy.com

Vote for X-Isle on IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/x-isle

Like X-Isle on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/XIState

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Or join the X-Isle Steam group for news and announcements.

This looks pretty awesome! I might have to check this out sometime. 😄

One of the few good original games on this engine! Looks very awesome! 🙂

The game is fun from what I’ve played. You can tell how much time and love has been put into the game. It’s definitely worth trying; however, you must be prepared to grind.

Hi! I’m not sure if this is allowed, but I just want to give people a heads up that X-Isle has returned. As of February 2017 X-Isle is running on a professional dedicated server. All player accounts and characters have been left intact, so returning players can pick up where they left off. As always, I am still the sole admin/game developer and I’ll be continuing development in my spare time.

(Yes, I’m aware that it’s an old game on a discontinued engine. But X-Isle has always been my passion project, and there’s still fun to be had on the island.)

The official website is still at www.cold-boy.com, where you can find the client download and a fresh new forum.

Hope to see you on the island!

Looks pretty cool! Hopefully you can keep it going, and it gets a new breath! 🙂

Awesome, I’ll say that this is probably one of the impressive map design that i saw, it fit on a steampunk and war game

i wanna sever thissgame

@iloveworld: I recently noticed that this game is playable again at http://www.indiedb.com/games/x-isle/downloads. The chances of being able to make your own server of a complete game like this is rare.

Tried out the game, it was fun but the engines controls are weird and some stuff is stored with the player that shouldn’t be.

X-Isle Classes

NOTE: Several X-Isle classes are still in development. Some others are available in the game but still require work.

On X-Isle, all players start out as the prisoner class. Starting at lvl 50, class trainers can change your class to match theirs, provided you meet the requirements and are carrying enough gold. Apart from these requirements, there is (currently*) no other limit to how often you can change your class. Each class has his own special ability as well as male/female versions.
If you reach a Crime Level of 10 and you are auto-jailed, one of the consequences will be that your class is reset to the prisoner.

(* The cyborg class, still in development, is the exception. Changing class to cyborg will be permanent.)

Currently available classes:

Requirement(s): Lvl 50
Cost: 5000g
Additional costs: Throwing knife 40g
Location: Sector 7
Special: The mercenary has access to a range of short range, low durability, high damage throwing knives. Mercenaries also get 25% more gold from killing other players.

Requirement(s): Lvl 50
Cost: 5000g
Additional costs: Medical License 1000g
Location: S7 Infirmary
Special: After attaining a medical license, medics have access to a range of healing spells and buffs and PSY regenerators. These can be bought at the S7 medical supply shop. (The medical license opens the door.)

Requirement(s): Lvl 100
Cost: 25000g
Additional costs: Wrench 1200g; Toolkit 500g
Location: Sector 7, level 1 keycard required
Special: With a wrench and some toolkits, engineers can repair equipment - their own as well as other players’.

Requirement(s): Lvl 100
Cost: 25000g
Additional costs: N/A
Location: TOP SECRET
Special: Agents can disguise themselves as inanimate objects (the disguise also temporarily hides your name) as well as copy other players’ sprites.

Available but unfinished
Requirement(s): Lvl 200
Cost: 75000g
Additional costs: TBA
Location: Sector 30/R-11
Special: Although the assassin class is available, its special abilities are still under consideration.

Available but additional scripting required
Requirement(s): Lvl 200
Cost: 75000g
Additional costs: InSight uplink goggles at Xg
Location: TOP SECRET, level 2 keycard required
Special: At a specific computer terminal at the DataBunker (Location: TOP SECRET), the hacker can track the position of any online player, retrieve their stats and increase or decrease an online player’s Crime Level.

Available but additional scripting required
Requirement(s): Lvl 225, red name (Crime Level 1 or above), 25 skulls (player kill trophies)
Cost: 75000g
Location: Sector 31/S-15
Special: With a red name (Crime Level 1 or above), the psycho has a 100% crit chance.

Planned/currently unavailable classes:

Description: A highly experimental magic user. Still requires lots of testing and balancing and at this point I’m unsure if the class will make it into the finished game.

Description: The hunter will have access to a range of class-specific, high-durability hunting rifles.

Description: The cyborg class will be a permanent lvl 250 class change with a wide variety of parts (equipment/accessories) and abilities.

Description: The preacher class is a lvl 250 class only available to players who have never ever taken the life of another player. He will be able to bless players with a variety of buffs.

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