Hello people of Eclipse, I have been with eclipse since 2009 and never have had a successful project kept alive for longer than a few months.

That is about to change. I am looking for people who can contribute their art, time and skill into a growing project that will become something big for an eclipse game.

I will set up some sort of fund going to my staff, that being said I will only pay for good work of coarse.

The story and the project itself will be worked on as a collaboration , meaning we all have a say in how things will run ; Thus it will be a  group project.

My Sub-board thread for the game is on this page, Feel free to look at it and see if you would be interested.


Heres a Little ScreenShot.


We are looking for a few people with the following skills.

-Mapping Experience

-Creating Dungeons with Mapping Skills

-Quest Writer

-Pixel Artist for Monsters, Characters, Items and tilesets


-Moderators inside the game( at a later date)

  • Spell Writers

  • Maintain a Website ( I have domain)

-Optimizing my version of Eclipse

If you seem interested, feel free to Personal Message me or reply to this thread.   Thanks and have a nice day!   🙂