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The story of Angreth:

! Deep in the mists of the old world, the dwarf kingdom ofAngreth rose from the fires of retribution. Chased from their ancient mines and mountains by the orc hordes, the stout dwarves fought long and hard against nature and monsters to settle a livable civilization. It has been 137 long years since that has happened…

Now, strange whispers are uttered in taverns, rumors of invasions and worse…
Thorlac Warfall, renowned tracker and scout, has been sent to the Old Mines, to validate or disprove these stories. But it has been 3 weeks since Thorlac departed Angreth, and no word has been sent…

-Written by SkywardRiver

Creation story:

! Extracted from ‘The Siblings of Chaos’ written by Halfar.

Back when the world was dominated by chaos, when no balance existed, two entities came unto power…
Valenessa, a humble and cheerful being that found happiness in others joy.There was also Dagan. Dagan was the noble and pround brother of Valenessa, and together, they sought to put an end to the endless madness of the world. Dagan proposed to his sister that they create two great kingdoms and guide their people as they saw fit. It would put an end to evil and lead the people to order, Dagan had said.Seeing no wrong in her brother’s proposal, Valenessa accepted. The kingdoms were established, borders put down, and laws created.

Many years passed, and Valenessa, missing her dear brother, crossed the border to pay him a visit. In her travels, however, she saw that Dagan and his people had become unclean, rueful, and selfish. Monuments and statues devoted to Dagan had planted a sickness in his mind. He was a god, he had said. Valenessa, knowing that this was not true, (because while the siblings had great power, they were not gods) confronted Dagan. The battle that soon followed was catastrophic  The peoples of the land fought and killed. Monsters born of the ash and waste from wielders of magic and strange sciences attacked helpless women and children. Dagan and Valenessa nearly killed each other.

To avoid further destruction of the land and people, Dagan and Valenessa agreed to carry the fight into the Underworld. There they waged a war so terrible that the surface of the earth shook with violent quakes. On and on they fought, and further down the battle carried them. It was not long before they found a stone unlike anything they have ever seen before. Valenessa called for a cease in the fight to observe this strange object. When Dagan agreed, they inched their way closer and closer to the glowing stone. Suddenly the glowing intensified, and two beams that resembled lightning shot out from the core and struck the two siblings.

When they awoke, they felt different. Surges of great power pulsed through the brother and sister like the life blood that flows through veins.It was not long before Dagan screamed. Dagan had solved what Valenessa would have if given more time. They had been both blessed and cursed. They were indeed gods among men now, but they were forever separated  For the noble loyal Dagan had been proclaimed God of the Dead, and his sister The Goddess of Light. So horrible was their separation that Dagan once again struck out at the Valenessa, his new-found power easily disabling the un-prepared goddess. While Valenessa waited for death at the hand of her own brother, Dagan said this;

‘I will forever rule the dead and the evil, just as you will always rule the living and the good. It is natural then, dear sister, that we separate forever. May the kingdoms we have created perish. New kingdoms will be born of course, but never will they obtain the glory of the First Kingdoms. I bid thee farewell Sister… I’m sorry.’

With tears in his eyes the mighty Dagan released his sister and fled into the deepest corner of darkness. He raised creatures of evil and horrors as he went.

Valenessa, also weeping, returned to the surface, and once again began to construct a life for the peoples of the world.

~Halfar, first seeker of Valenessa.

-written by skywardRiver


! The Ideas behind Veridian were to basically bring back that old school gaming with a few twists. One of those twists being actually having voiced characters, Now yes it will definitely add alot of wav files but to me in the long run it will be worth it.
! The second twist being you have the choice to make your character basically anything you want him/her to be Meaning you can be a sword mage, or a Ranger who also uses swords and magic. Anything your imagination can come up with pretty much.
! The third and most obvious twist is being able to play with others. Now days most games have online capabilities which (to me) does make game more fun when you get to play and share experiences with your friends.(For example you and your buddy are going through a large cave killing skeletons for some quest or slaying a great dragon who is terrorizing a nearby village. Which all of you good people of eclipse want the same thing.
! I want to keep the old school game’s awesome story telling,adventure feel because back in the day gamer wasn’t so obsessed with how great the graphics were, it was all about the game play and the adventures.
! Requirements:
! >! -Must be able to map atleast work on mapping once a day even if it’s like 15 minutes.
! -Must have skype or another means to get a hold of you easier.
! -Must send some examples through either PM or email me at
! Perks of the job:
! >! -Become a mod for the game
! -Get Credit
! -Any in-game items free(Including premium stuff)
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Interesting story but I dislike the formatting for 'The story of Angreth". Good luck with the game.

Thanks alot Zesh!

Ohh I have a chance to work with Knight… soo tempting…

lol Thanks lel!

Try cleaning up your story a bit. It has a new line every now and then, and that discouraged me from reading it.

Okay I think I cleaned them up. If not let me know!

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