A few questions about EO.

I have a few questions.

1. Does EO4 have a way to enable solid characters? I’ve looked but I can’t find anything. I’m not really a fan of the walkthrough system, so I was wondering if there was some kind of on/off option for it?

2. Is it possible to add more than four head/body types for faces/characters? I want to use pre-made RPG Maker XP sprites for my game like other versions of Eclipse use. So I decided to get rid of the paperdoll and replace the body types with the sprites. For the image of the head, I would also display the sprite, and the character creation wouldn’t do anything since I don’t care to use it. The only problem is, when I add a fifth head/character type, the client doesn’t recognize that I did it.

(Or, is there an option to simply disable character creation and go with traditional/pre-made sprites and faces?

3. Is the fog system supposed to be broken, or is it just me?

It’s kind of silly that there’s no collide toggle for characters, seeing as the option is already built in for PVP areas.

AFAIK, not in the silver version.

Fog appears to be broken.

1. Like Dog said, right now it is automatic for PvP areas but no set option exists for it.

2. You can achieve the effect that you want with the Server/Admin Tools/Class Helper software, it even lets you switch your character creation back to the way EO2/EO3 used to do it, with this said all characters have to be deleted for this to take affect due to the different data types.

3. Maybe broken. It has been several updates since I have had to test it. Making a bug report now so one of us will look into it.

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