Where Can I get Visual Basic 6

Hey guys

I want to know where can i get VB6 to make my own custom version

I cant find it at microsoft web

its a old copy not supported anymore by microsoft, you can buy it on ebay, but you need the authorization certificate to use it legally u can use it illegally by getting it online (not recomended) your best chance is to look around ebay

Unfortunately, Visual Basic 6 is no longer supported by Microsoft. You have three options on obtaining a copy. You can torrent it, although it is illegal, you can purchase it or get one from a friend, or you can obtain a copy through a dreamspark program. Understand that it is against forum rules for you to post links to a copy of Visual Basic 6 on this forum.

lol matchoo you made my answer look so unprofessional

It wasn’t my intention to make you look bad. I’m just trying to be as helpful as I possibly can ^_^

I agree with @Mod Matt

If you want to get vb6 for free then just get it with torrent or buy it .

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