Pheniox Eclipse Recruiting

Story (if you have one but optional):Working on it.

Info/Summary (should be long):It is based around the Medevial MMORPG theme and is currently a little ways along with Scripts/Mapping/Items. I would like it to be about hanging out and questing and some fighting as well too.
Time Era (when does your game take place: historical, middle ages, modern, etc):Historical

Gameplay type (what style of gameplay: fantasy, law vs crime, etc):Fantasy

Features (whats unique about your game):It wiwill have some cool features like a lottery,an ADMIN island where admins can go and hangout, along with many other cool scripts.


Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Anything else you need to put out, or extra info (website, forums):Currently working on a HTML/CSS/Javascript website

Okay what i need are Sprite Artist,GM,Mapper,And Scripter so please send me a message or post here!

well anyways to start playing just download the client:
After doing that change the IP on the client to

You need more info to post here.

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