A few questions…


I cannot figure out my GUI. I changed the bar gui’s a tad and when i pull up the game all of them work except for Exp bar? Help please.? (I did the same exact thing for each bar but for some reason it continued not showing just the exp one…)


I know this is a dumb question but i honestly cant figure out the controls for Eclipse Dawn… Help?

That’s all… Please help.

first off are you sure you got it saved as same type of image (png,etc) and if you do have you edited all the exp bar parts to the new look to make sure its not stoped or anything.

second this is eo 4.0 board not eclipse dawn but the controls should be same as the the older versions, also a bit more info about what controls your looking for would be helpful,


yes ive done all of this, i think it may be invisible until you actually get exp then it appears, etc.

oh haha you didn’t test it?

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