Learning VB6

Ok guys, I really want to learn vb 6 so I can actually make my own custom version. I’m tired of looking in the custom version section and there not being anything to my liking. What better way to fix that than to just make it myself. I am coming to you guys in hope you will be nice enough to point me in the right direction. (I have browsed the programming section) I would like it if someone got on TeamViewer and showed me,I learn better that way. If someone can’t do that then I would be ok with talking about it on skype so I can quickly get ahold of you. Hope I get some amazing helpers 🙂

Thanks in advanced

I don’t have that much availability as to teach you via team viewer, but I can write you up a few basic tutorials if you’d like ^_^

I can help you. i got nothing but time so it’s not a problem

I wouldn’t mind you guys helping me 🙂

i can help you through team viewer if you like

I can help when the others aren’t.

  • Death

Alright lol 🙂 Thanks everyone!

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