Hello Everyone!!

I decided that I want to make a game with eclipse stable since I think its preety good.The game I want to make is called One Piece the new world(I can change the name but for now its this) based on the One Piece anime(if you know what that is, if not well basicly the game will be like a pirate game more or less) and I have some pretty good ideas for it.

- Story-
Like I said I want to make a game like One Piece(like a fan game) so the story is the same as in anime

Well I dont have any since I just started making the game and didnt make any map because I want to make some custom sprites and tilesets first.But as soon as I make some maps il post them.

-What I need-
I need people who are willing to help me make this game.Like:
2)Gui artists
4)Pixel artists(for tilesets,npc’s,characters,items….)
6)Quest makers

I dont know how to make sprites or scripts but im not a very bad mapper and im willing to learn the stuff I dont know but I alone wont be able to make this game.Like I said I have some pretty god ideas but I need help.

People who are willing to help me with this pm me or send me a email at tronus22@gmail.com.

Oh yea and sorry if I misspelled anithing…English isn’t my native language. 😛