The sutic word for “riddle”. And also the first warrior in Suta, once a place filled with glory…
It was a cold day, when it happened. Erubia, the warrior left his home, to create his own village,
but suddenly he disappeared. No one knew, where he went or what he did, but one thing they knew:
The way he went was the a far, bad and horrible way, and who wanted to go there, died.

Two years later, a group of different people wanted to go there, too to research the place, but
then it happened again. They died. But why?
Abbreviatory after that, one person wanted to clear the problem, but then he had to solute
one riddle, one Erubia._

Character classes and their abilities


  • healing abilities
  • much defence
  • many hp (health points)
  • low mp (mana points)
  • low dmg (damage)


  • nature abilities
  • can summon creatures
  • stronger on nature maps
  • much defence
  • much dmg (damage)
  • low hp (health points)
  • low mp (mana points)


  • dark abilities
  • can controle enemies
  • stronger on dark maps
  • much dmg
  • much hp
  • low mp
  • low defence


  • magic abilities
  • long range skills
  • much mp
  • low hp
  • passable defence
  • passable dmg


  • monster abilities
  • can’t be auto attacked by other enemies
  • long range and short range skills
  • passable mp
  • passable hp
  • passable defence
  • passable dmg_


  • discover many items and monsters
  • Live the story or create your own one 😉
  • Meet your friends and hangout for a while
  • Survive in the world of Erubia
  • and have your own husband/wife 🙂


  • paperdolled items
  • custom tiles, etc.
  • many items and monsters
  • personalized abilites –> Something for everyone >.<
  • balanced character classes
  • discover new riddles and try to solute them
  • many quests and much fun


  • Mapper (a better one than me x))
  • Scripter (advanced one)
  • Coder


Main Menu:


Ingame (not finished map) 😉


hehe, not the best I know 😉 that’s why I need your help on that game ~.~
If I see the other RC threads, I think two screens are better than none =3

That are just ideas and I hope, with YOUR help, they’ll come true someday - :D**