EO 4.1 outdated?

I downloaded EO 4.0, and updated both my client and server to the latest (4.1). Now, when I try to login, it tells me either the client or server is outdated. But neither of them are. They’re both on 4.1, and I’ve opened them both via the autoupdater like it said to.

I tried re-extracting the original .rar it came in to start fresh. I still get the same message.

That’s strange, make sure you run both updaters as an administrator.

That didn’t work either.

But I fixed it… somehow. I went to the downloads page and just downloaded a brand new version. Odd.

You probably had your server running so it thought it updated it when it really failed. You \could\ have closed everything and deleted the updates.ini and re-launched the updater but either way works. Glad you have it fixed 😉

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