Hello Everyone!!!

Welcome to the Axxeon Online Recruitment Topic/Center!
Axxeon Online is a Fantasy 2D MMORPG developed with Eclipse Stable’s edited version, Eclipse Universe. The game is under early development, only has 2 maps done, not much done, but I need a team, as I’m the only one currently in the DEV and Mapping Team. Axxeon is based in the Time Era of the middle ages, meadieval basicly.

D = Done
P = In Progress
N = Not Started
S = Still Deciding

-Custom GUI - N
-Custom Sprites - N
-MAX Lv 500 - D
-Auto-Patcher - P

And still thinking of any other features.

I’m currently looking for:

Developers - 1
Edit/Add NPCs, Items, Spells, etc. Must be responsible, any DEV not being responsible or abusing power will get removed. I’m looking for active DEVs, who are dedicated to the game, not just enter and develop each 2+ days.

Mappers - 5
I need very creative and decent mappers, mappers who can edit maps by making them better looking and mappers who are responsible of what they’re doing, I need mappers who can be trusted on, who I know that won’t spoil every map in-game.

Graphical/Pixel Artists - 3
I need advanced Pixel Artists who are able of editing/making decent sprites, GUIs or any other graphical thing. I need Artists who have the ability of making mainly tiles and sprites.

Game Designers - 2
I need people who can give Axxeon ideas of how to make it better, basicly people who can plan features.

Source Editors - 2
I need people who are able of editing the client and server source code, who are able of understanding VB6 and are dedicated.

Moderators - 1
I need active and helpful people who can enforce the rules of Axxeon, who won’t abuse power and will be always  looking for rule-breakers.

Current Team:
Chuchoide - Project Manager, Mapper, Head Developer.
JSchilli1 - Project Manager, Head Coder, Server Hoster

At Axxeon, we promote staff like this:
When we choose a Moderator we make sure that it is a helpful and active member, once we choose him/her, we wait until a certain time has passed and review how that MOD has worked on helping and enforcing the rules. Once we have seen that MOD is able of managing banning, we promote them to a GM. GM and Admins are different:


That’s the promoting cycle, although, when we have enough DEVs, we won’t be promoting GMs by that time.

We already have our website and forums:
Site: http://axxeononline.webs.com/
Forums: http://axxeon.forumotion.net/
Server Stautus: ~ (Not Open To Public)

I don’t have any ss yet, as I don’t have most done, but I can tell you, my mapping REALLY sucks 😉

If you want to apply, please fill up following form:

Time Zone:
Desired Position:
Past Experience:
Examples: (only with Artist, Coder, Developer, Mapper and Game Designer)
Time you can dedicate:
Why you want to join:
Any extra comments:

JSchilli1 - 24/7 Server Hosting
Damian666 - Eclipse Stable
Lavos - Eclipse Stable edited, Eclipse Universe

Thanks, hope any of you guys that read this help 🙂