Unnamed Project

Decided to create a new game, i will not explain the concept yet as it is a bit difficult to explain. The end game plan though is that the game will teach you how to pixel art and program by example. So far i have put about 2 days of work in. If you are interested in getting something like this up and running quick go check out Unity, 2D ToolKit and Run n Jump. These addons have done basically all of the work in this build. I have modified Run n Jump slightly for destructible terrain.

Not much to see yet but i will be posting here with various builds and progress. So far the only gameplay is jumping around and destroying the world. Pretty much just stress testing how many destructible tiles i can have without lag. If the sample does lag for you please post your system specs here.


Arrow keys to move

Space to jump

Right click to shoot and destroy tiles

Shift to float when jumping.

Just hoping to get a tiny bit of buzz to motivate me to post more here and continue working on it.

It doesn’t lag but movement feels very unresponsive. Also the collision doesn’t seem to be pixel based (yet?) because i walk behind the !square-tiles (those that are not a square… you know what i mean).

Destroying the tiles works but seems a bit random with some balls bouncing around and sometimes making blocks disappear. I wish you the best of luck with this and I hope that my feedback can help you in some way.


You cant handle the intensity of my fireballs.

It doesn’t seem to lag

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