Putvar/getvar command

Hi, I am useing eo but i get an error in my code

Dim A
A = CLng(GetVar(App.Path & "\data\party\" & GetPlayerName(Index) & ".ini", "2", "sprite"))
Call PutVar(App.Path & "\data\party\" & GetPlayerName(Index) & ".ini", "slot2", "sprite", A)

I get this error when i create a .exe:

Don’t create the executable, do a compile & run by pressing CTRL & F5. It’ll tell us where your program is going wrong so we can help you.

When i do that i get the same error as soon as i click run on my server. and it highlights the A in the putvar command. exactly the same as creating the .exe

i know its a double post

i get this when i click normal run after all of the server load data gets loaded.

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