Some new pixel work

Been working on some of my old work, improving it, what do you think ?

First try with new tiles in the map editor, a few little issues to fix but apart from that pretty happy

Very good improvement Fabzy. The tree is too perfectly symmetrical though!

The little character is so much better.

Wow, much better, nice work! 🙂

thanks guys, ill post some more up when i make it 😛

The old tree looks so washed out. The new stuff is  a big improvement actually, good job!


Update first post with new stuff

I like your work so far, but I just think that it has no depth. Your shades are all relatively close together making your pixels appear flat and washed out. The tree trunk is nicely done, but colors could still be experimented with (though that is the least of the problems), and the leaves just look like they were flipped several times. They have an obvious pattern in the middle. I hope this helps you improve them 🙂

I think a little more variation in the grass and tree color would be nice. Overall though I really like your work, keep posting updates 😄


here’s some critique from me

Well since the grass is taller than the dirt, on the grass-dirt combining tile you could add shadow on the dirt to make the grass look actually taller than the dirt

I don’t think the cliffs should be standing out from other tiles so much, it doesn’t look natural, and the cliffs shape is really repeating and too straight… so you could work on making the shape more natural and having grass on top of it instead of those rocks… (perhaps leave some rocks that would be surrounded with grass or something in some parts as a detail)

(here’s my lame edit) - here’s some better grass/cliff connection tiles I did Link

where sand is supposed to be covering the cliff bottom, you could add shaded waves of sand which would make it look more like the sand is covering something, and you could add some rock pieces that aren’t fully covered with sand

other than that… it’s alright for now

I see some improvement in color choice between your old and new work… the old tree isn’t so bad, just the colors are wrong and trunk but the shape is fine…

hope I helped you a little 🙂

wow really like the edits you did, i love the style on your cliff edit you did there, think this is the direction ill have to go.

Thanks for the help tho, will really improve my work i think 🙂

I really like your tiles! Is this for your game? If it is that would be cool  😄 . Do you have any water tiles tho?

EDIT: OMG im so dumb, there is water tiles  🙂

They are for my game yer :), there certainly are water tiles 🙂

They are great… Better than my pixel arts 😄

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