50% off deal question.

Not sure if it was asked in a topic before this.

So does anyone that bought Gold before the 50% off deal get something a little extra?

I was kind of thinking about how I spent 500$ on two 3DS when they first came out.

Then the price drop so super soon after US release that it made my head spin…

So Nintendo said to all those that bought it before the price drop will  get these ambassador rewards ( which were crap and not worth what I spent extra) but still made me think if you guys thought of something like this.

I do recognize that the 3DS kept its reduced price and yours is a special of sorts. I still thought it worth bring up. Anything extra for those that bought before this price cut?

Then what’s the difference be tween THIS 50% off deal and a Steam 50% off deal. Answer: NOTHING!

Think of this like a steam deal, it’s there for a short time, and then it’s back to normal, will it happen again? who knows! Better buy it now! Because when it’s over you get nothing more special before or after this sale.

Your answer assumes I know anything about steam 😃

I don’t see that happening honestly, if I buy a steak on monday, and they’re on sale on tuesday the store’s not coming over to my house to give be a bottle of wine either.  Price reductions and sales happen all the time, and while in some cases people their purchases are untimely, it does not warrant them anything extra if they got it full-price before the sale.

Of course not stein. If you were referring to a store like a grocery store… Everyone knows that kind of store can not move on it’s own, thus it can not come to your house. Interesting thou, referring to meat as to a comparison with software and the term store without the mention of management or it’s people. I do get what you are both saying thou… It’s is just a question I was curious about. I would have been excited to look forward to something new and neat, or a little surprise of sorts. I just consider it a good business practice.

A clothing store named “Buckle” that I like to shop from has a nice example. I asked “What if I buy this shirt and the next week you guys mark it 50% off”? They replied “We’ll refund you that amount.” That’s actually never happened to me yet sadly lol…

Well stein… being a member of administration… if your answer is as it comes from developers and owners a like, I guess I could consider my question answered. This topic isn’t here to argue or fight about anything, nor a discussion. So if you would be so kind to simply reply something long the lines of " It is so." I will ever so kindly mark this as “resolved.” Until then I was kind of looking for a more authentic answer…

Edit: Was your mention of “wine” a reference to the saying that goes a little like this " Have some cheese with your wine?"

That was my own personal opinion, I haven’t asked Amish about it.

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