Sprite turned to right or left?

How could I make a npc turned to right on the map, in eclipse stable?
I saw there’s this option in origins, but i need  it for stable!!

Can someone answer me?

Can you clarify it a bit more? Do you want the NPC to stand still and be facing right, or to move right? If you want him to stand facing right, I’m sure you could write a quick script to do so, else if your only going to use the sprite in its right perspective just make it facing right in the spritesheet. xD

I mean the npc has to face for example to the right, but when I put it on the map he faces down, and I can change this by respawning the map, but it also change where other npcs are facing.
I dunno how to script it, but I also need that the npc speak or open a shop when you talk to him…

Very simple source edit which can be added to the NPC spawn tile.

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