[EO] Auto Updater

How do i make the auto updater open by itself when ppl click my game?

they have to click on the updater to open the updater, not the game… two totally different programs.

You can however use vb6 and make it so the updater opens the game once it is done updating.

Ye i do but i don’t want ppl going to c:\program files\game name\autoupdater each time 2 c if theres an update 😛

Well how do you have them accessing the client every time they go to play?

Make it so you enter the game through the updater program and u have to have all files updates in order to launch the game, then add a button on the updater that closes it and opens your games client. Thats how I have mine set up and it works great, then u just use the updater all the time instead of the client.exe

K thx ill try it 🙂

You can add this somewhere on your Updater

' Open the game menu "\Client.exe"
    Shell (App.Path & "\Client.exe")
    ' call the game destroy sub
```Just make sure the Client.exe is in the same folder as the updater, if not change the App.Path to fit with where yours is. This will open your client and close the updater.
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