Hi Everyone!

My name is GrowltoMore or call me Shon. I am 13 years old but I know ruby, python, and s bit of java. I am developing a MMORPG called The Five Heroes and I am looking for people to help me or even work with me in the long run!

I have some previous experience with VB.NET but no experience with VB6 that is why I am looking for a programmer I am also looking for a GUI Designer or Game Designer because I have tried making my own GUI edits using royalty free resources but it always comes out bad.

If you would like to be a designer I am looking for GUI designer (as I am using royalty free sprites) but would gladly take anyone who is also a game designer.

I can’t offer money at the moment but if this game makes money then I will be glad to pay you for your help. I can offer you my thanks though! Please consider helping me and working with me!

If you are interested please email nerftactic09@gmail.com

Thank you,

Sincerely GrowltoMore (AKA Shon),