XD So funny, but the part that really made me bust a gut was the last thing the guy says, its worth the watch!

Wow, that guy is a freaken idiot.

He goes… “I am going to do some hardcore stuff” then at the end he is crying saying I cant smell anything. What knob  :rolleyes:

This is so fake. lol

That guy has serious mental problems


This is so fake. lol

You know… you kill the funny when you say stuff like that 😕

Luckily I’ve pretty much given up all hope in mankind’s future thus I can accept that people like this fellow do in fact exist! ;D

At first my face was like this: :0
Then it was like 😐

But really I didn’t really laugh and I’m usually the guy that laughs at stuff like this(not really :P)

Fake and gay.

says in a sappy voice COUGH I can’t smell anything…  😢

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