Poll: Zacaras Empire GUI

So a lot of people don’t seem to like the Dransik style GUI I planned on using for my game.

I have decided to make another version of it and want people to vote on which they like the most so I can then decide which one I will be using.

(All windows besides the top right section, Game window, and Chat can be moved and opened/closed)

(All windows besides the Game window and Chat can be moved and opened/closed)

Also if you can, please post why you voted for which one.

Second.I like big game screens and drag-able things ;D


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Second.I like big game screens and drag-able things ;D

In the first one everything is also drag-able besides the Character stats/gear section and the chat/game window. The Char window is the only thing drag-able in the second thats not in the first.

wow , now that bag space… 1st one … not so cluttered

The second one, providing you can minimize windows.

As I stated in the first post, most of the windows can be opened/closed/moved.

In the first pic EVERYTHING BESIDES the gamescreen, topright section (stats/gear) and chat window can be moved/closed/opened.

In the second pic, EVERYTHING BESIDES the gamescreen and chat window can be moved/opened/closed.

Also my other DEV said they like the second one better >.< I still like the first lol.

I say the first one is better, pretty much has everything set up perfectly.

I like both, although I voted for the second, it looks alot more functional than the first, assuming all the windows can be minimised and are draggable.

I perfer the second one

I think ill be going with the second one for ZE instead of the first like planned.

Most people seem to like the second more, and it still has the feel I want to it. Also the other DEV for ZE likes the second one the most.

I also asked the DEV who owns/runs Dransik (the game ZE is based off of) which one he liked the most and he said the 2nd.

Just had to make a slight change to the 2nd GUI to work with a gamescreen size that actually works in EO.

I vote first. I hate game-screen clutter. Especially in 2d games.

I voted the second. I like having more space to organize things per my taste. Well done btw.

Though I must admit, both are boring to look at =/

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