Skill points question


Ok so I have been trying for a while to change the skill points aquired each level from +1 to +5.

I went into server>Scripts>main> and I edited Call SetPlayerPOINTS(Index, GetPlayerPOINTS(index) + 1) to +5 instead. I have reloaded the server etc and players still onyl get +1 skill point a level and the blue writing that appears when they level also only says +1skill point.

So how would I go about making it +5.


Welcome to Eclipse! :azn:

Make sure Scripting=1 in data.ini in the server folder. Also, make sure you saved (CTRL + S) after editing.

Please use Eclipse Stable or better yet, Origins (if your serious about making a game and willing to get VB6 and program) instead of Eclipse Evolution, EE is outdated now and has a fair amount of bugs.

The Getting Started With Eclipse is for tutorials, not for Questions. I removed your topic from that area.

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