Naruto Zero Is recruiting!

Hello Eclipsers,

We are looking for :

Translators :

we want you to fully translate the game from English or french to other languages like spanish german…

your language skills have to be perfect!

**Events maker and Quest makers : **

a very much needed position , an event maker should be able to write missions and events that are based on the original manga story,

it should be fun and very well written

Our event editor is not very different from eclipse’s !

We require you to be very motivated and dedicated to Naruto Zero !

Your English/ french has to be perfect!

you have to be very dedicated ( yes i said it twice because it’s important ! )

Developers :

well it’s not really needed since almost everything is already created!

but if you’re really good we want you!

If you’re interested in this position please contact me through Pm here or in our english forums

Here a link to the project presentation if you want to :

**Project presentation **

Maybe post some screenshots of the game or some more info?

here a link to the project

you’ll find some screenshots and videos of the game

Yeah but you should include it here to people might not have seen that

When making something such as a post or anything, always be sure to make it as easy as possible.

People like it when things are easy and simple.

Therefore you should really listen to what James says^^

There the download for the most lazy of you!
you can choose the english language with the options when ingame(tape “O” )
Since the english version of the game is not ready just yet please keep in mind that :

  • the server will be in french
  • the server is hosted in europe and so americans might have high latency

voila :

Anyway if you want to have a closer look on the game there will be an event this saturday 26/october at 18h Gmt,

in which Kyuubi will attack Konoha!!

Naruto Zero.

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